How A Tax Accountant Fell In Love With Nurses

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It was a bright summer day and all the birds were singing. I was on my way to the hospital because I had a severe case of a paper cut-itis after completing a challenging tax return. A nurse took care me and her name was Coleigne. She relieved the harsh pain of the paper cut and made me feel at home. We decided to get married and lived happily ever after with two beautiful children!

That story would be a great story to tell my future grandchildren except it wasn't the truth. I met my wife at our  undergraduate college and we dated two years after graduation. She was first an Respiratory Therapist when we dated. I was young and dumb so I told everyone that I dating a nurse. Nurse sounds way sexier than Respiratory Therapist. I drove her crazy because I repeatedly declared that everyone is a nurse works in a hospital! I honestly had not respect for the differences of healthcare professionals. In my world, if you were not a doctor then obviously you were a nurse. All this changed when my wife decided to go back to school after we got married to be become a Registered Nurse.

While my wife was studying to be an RN, I received a behind the scene access to what it takes to become a registered nurse. Her program was extremely demanding both physically and mentally. There were times that I had to be her practice lab rat. Her classmates needed to support each other to make it through the program. They also had to perform community service. I got to meet some of her classmates and they all seem to be very intelligent and caring. I learned how hard the entrance exam can be to pass. I also learned how tough it is to find a job at the "right" hospital straight after college. Basically, I developed a new love for all nurses (not just my wife) and hold them to a higher standard.

One of my professional specialties is representing individuals in front of the IRS. I started to notice that I was representing more and more nurses with tax issues. Each situation was unique and different. One nurse worked as an independent contractor and didn't take out taxes. She owed the IRS over $100,000 in back taxes and penalties. Another nurse trusted an fraudulent accountant and got audited. There were other cases that involved nurses. I started taking special interest in these cases because my wife is a nurse and I have a lot of respect for her fellow nurses. It has become my mission to educate as much nurses as possible about their tax obligations. My blog posts will be catered to only nurses.

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